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7 Benefits Of A Recreational Marijuana Card

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15 states have legalized adult med and rec use, and when a state legalizes rec, people stop getting mmj cards. Cannabis consumers without Texas medical marijuana card miss out on lower prices, the ability to buy more, different age limits, and legal protection. Medical and recreational marijuana are different. Read on for 7 med card benefits in a recreational state.

1. Cheaper

Medical marijuana cards save money all year and get you lower prices than recreational cards. After more states legalized recreational marijuana, taxes rose. If you regularly buy cannabis, you’ll spend more without a medical card.

How does medical vs. recreational pricing differ? Many states lower or exempt taxes on medical marijuana. Recreational customers pay 15-37% excise taxes, while medical products only have standard taxes. If you regularly buy medical cannabis, getting a card can save you thousands of dollars.

2. Higher Possession, Purchase, And Growth Limits Marijuana

Medical marijuana cardholders can buy more than recreational customers. Medical patients can buy 8 ounces a day, but recreational users can buy 1 ounce. With an mmj card, you can buy more marijuana than a recreational buyer.

Medical cardholders have different possession and home cultivation limits than recreational users. Depending on state laws, cardholders can possess and grow more marijuana.

3. Reduce Age Limits

Most states limit recreational cannabis to adults over 21. Underage cannabis use is illegal. Younger patients with epilepsy and cancer need medical marijuana. Most medical cannabis programs allow patients under 18 if they meet all requirements.

4. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

An mmj card lets you shop at dispensaries. Even in states where recreational cannabis is legal, medical dispensaries are exclusive to cardholders. Medical users have access to many products, strains, and professionals.

Cannabis extracts abound. It’s hard to track all their uses, potencies, and benefits. Medical marijuana cardholders can get advice from doctors and cannabis coaches on how to treat their conditions.

Recreational retail outlets have professional budtenders, but they may not have the training and knowledge to assist a medical customer with questions about medical products, dosages, and using marijuana for specific medical conditions. Even if your state allows recreational dispensaries, you may prefer medical.

5. Stronger Than Recreational

Medical marijuana patients have access to higher-potency cannabis than recreational users. Many recreational cannabis shops adhere to state-mandated potency limits. Some patients may need higher THC or CBD doses.

Edible cannabis products can contain 100mg of THC and lotions or tinctures of 1000mg. Medical marijuana dispensaries can double the THC in lotions to 2000mg. Some medical marijuana patients need different potencies to treat their conditions, and recreational products may not be enough.

  • Money-back guarantee on approval
  • On-demand appointments
  • 24/7 support

Even if recreational use is legal in your state, get a med card. With your card, you can access dispensaries and med products with higher THC and CBD for those with chronic pain or cancer.

6. Legal Protections

Some states with medical marijuana laws protect cardholders.

A medical marijuana card can help if you’re arrested. When you have a med card, a licensed physician backs the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Applying for a medical marijuana card in your state can help you with possession, cultivation, and purchase restrictions.

People often wonder if a medical card will get them fired. You and your doctor should decide. Some states protect marijuana users’ jobs. For more peace of mind, consult a lawyer.

7. Out-Of-State Travel Is Simpler

With your out-of-state mmj card, you can possess and/or buy medical cannabis in reciprocal states. Reciprocity may allow you to use your med card in another state if you’re traveling or seeing a specialist out of state.

It’s illegal to cross state lines with cannabis, so make sure the state you’re visiting accepts out-of-state mmj cards. State mmj cards accepted:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona (allows possession only)
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Missouri (allows possession only)
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Massachusetts
  • Washington
  • DC
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