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How To Make Live Resin

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Live resin is different from any other cannabis concentrate. Live resin is more nutritious than other types of extraction. This results in a fresher, stronger, and more flavorful weed than any other. Live resin converts quickly.

It is not easy to make live resin and it requires special equipment. The price of live resin can go up, but the quality of concentrate is worth it.

What’s Live Resin?

Concentrates of cannabis are made from buds that were dried and cured in the same way as if they were to be sold as smoked marijuana. Instead of packaging the dried and cured cannabis and selling it raw, the buds undergo an extra process to extract the entire contents and make it liquid.

This is not how life resin should be treated. To preserve their freshness, the flowers are instantly flash frozen after being harvested. They are suspended in time until they turn to resin. Live resin flowers are grown with the intent of being used as the resin.

How Is Live Resin Manufactured?

Making live resin is a complex process that requires many materials you may not be able to obtain. This would require a lot of flammable material and highly-specialized equipment.

When freshly harvested cannabis flowers have been flash frozen, the process of creating live resin begins. The manufacturer may use liquid nitrogen or dry ice to speed up the freezing process.

A special solvent extractor machine has several chambers for making live resin. The first chamber contains ice-cold butane. The second chamber houses frozen cannabis. The cannabis flower is placed in the second chamber, which contains the chilled butane.

After the extraction is completed, the butane containing cannabinoids and terpenes, as well as the waxes and fatty acids, passes into a third chamber for purification. The fourth chamber uses warm water to extract any remaining butane.

Each live resin is unique. The quality of the fatty acids and waxes removed in the third chamber will determine the texture of the resin. You can also find the jelly, butter and sap live resins.

To make resin more manageable, some manufacturers remove more waxes. These waxes, fatty acids, and other natural components of plants are not harmful.

It Is Much Easier To Purchase Live Resin

You probably don’t own the equipment required to make live resin at home if you’re just a regular person. If you are interested in starting a business making live resin, it is a significant investment.

Buy it from Sauce Warehouse if you only want to use live resin. One gram of live resin costs about the same as one-eighth of the same strain’s flower. Although it is more expensive than buying bud, it is much cheaper than making your own live resin extraction equipment.

You’re correct if you thought the live resin was very similar to how butane ish oil is made. You shouldn’t make butane hash oils at home. Butane can be extremely explosive. You can easily injure, or even kill yourself and those around you if you make a small error.

What Is The Purpose Of Live Resin?

Keep your live resin cold to keep it fresher. It is important to put it away before you start smoking so that it doesn’t get lost. Keep your live resin covered in a tightly sealed container.

You shouldn’t smoke live resin from a bowl, a bong, or a piece of paper. These methods all involve heating the resin directly with a torch. If you heat your resin, it will ruin the terpenes.

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