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5 Tips to Grow Blue Dream Cannabis- Grower’s Guide

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Blue Dream is a 60 percent Sativa-dominant hybrid that has a THC level between 17% to 24% and a CBD of 2%. Blue Dream is one of the most well-known marijuana strains and is known for being among the finest daytime smokes.

Its delightful aroma, taste, and effects are part of its popularity, but it is also widely available.

You might prefer to grow Blue Dream yourself. We offer five helpful tips for growing this strain.

1 – Blue Dream Grows Best Indoors

Blue Dream can be difficult to grow outdoors in areas with changing weather conditions. If you don’t live in a tropical or Mediterranean climate, grow Blue Dream indoors.

Blue Dream indoors will present a problem due to its height. Blue Dream can grow to be a huge plant! Blue Dream plants can reach six feet without much effort.

However, indoor gardening is a good idea. To hook branches, most growers use metal stakes of different lengths and with a loop at their ends. Make sure the plant is straightened and supports the branches.

2 – Keeping Pests Away

If you choose to grow Blue Dream outside, pests can be a serious problem. Pests can cause damage to crops and ruin hours of labor. Worst, some pests can do significant damage in as little time as 15 minutes.

A store-bought spray can be used, such as the 3-in-1 spray which includes miticide, insecticide, and fungicide. It is best to use it during the vegetative stage. For plants in the flowering phase, there are many unique products. You can find many amazing home remedies online. Some are more effective than others.

3 – Make Sure Your Blue Dream Gets a Ton of Nutrients, Especially Nitrogen

Marijuana plants generally require fewer nutrients than other household plants like tomatoes. Another tip is to water the plants in the vegetative stage with liquid seaweed and/or molasses combined with reverse osmosis water.

It provides food for your plants and in return, the Blue Dream provides sugars and other carbohydrates. You’ll require far fewer nutrients if you start with high-quality soil.

4 – Maintaining the right pH Level

It’s not enough to have the right amount of nutrients; it’s also important to make sure that your root environment is pH-correct to allow plants to absorb them fully. After adding nutrients, the easiest way to ensure your water has the right pH is to test it.

The best pH for growing Blue Dream marijuana is between 6.0 and 7.0. Because different nutrients can be absorbed in different pH levels, it is important to have a narrow range. You can find specialized solutions in stores that will allow you to adjust the pH of your growing medium as needed.

Use 1 ml of PH Down for every gallon of water to lower the pH level by 1.0 The PH Up solution, however, is not as potent.

The plant will not be able to absorb nutrients and carbohydrates if the water it is fed has a low pH. You will have an advantage when you use soil as your growing medium.

5 – Correct Lighting

This tip is for indoor growers only. Because it can make a significant difference in the quality of your marijuana crop, lighting is essential.

Blue Dream can be grown indoors as long as the room is at the right temperature, humidity, light, and light levels. Blue Dream’s ability to remain in complete darkness for a long time will determine when it goes from vegetative to blooming stage.

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